Inspection, repair and assembly

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If you've got questions about your grabs, you can contact the local representative in your region or call us directly at GRAB SPARE PARTS

Assembly and Installation

Sometimes you might need your grabs to be delivered disassembled. The reasons could be: high transportation costs, the lack of equipment for overheight cargo at delivery destination or you want us to come for training and commissioning. In any of these cases, our team is available for assembly and installation.

Commissioning and Training

In addition we can train your staff if they are unfamiliar with the provided equipment.
Both theoretical and practical training can be provided during commissioning or separately on demand.

Inspection and Repair

Continuity of operations is critical. Operational disruptions are costly, not only for shipowners but also for other key players in the supply chain.
Whether it's a Cromex Grab or another brand, to help you out, we are always available to assist vessels and ports worldwide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.