Hydraulic Attachment

Manipulators, Excavators

HA Grab

  • - Hydraulic Grab Design
    1. Clamshell
    2. Polyp (Orange Peel)
    3. Timber Grab
    4. Sorting Grab
    5. Special Design
  • - SWITCH Series
    1. Machinery / Excavators
    2. EOT Cranes


Hydraulic grabs are specially designed for charging and discharging of bulk materials on cranes with hydraulic system. They are available with open or closed shells/tines depending on the job and the type of material to be handled. Manufactured of high wear resistant steel, all bearings are heavy-duty and sealed for high performance. Cromex Hydraulic Grabs are manufactured with a 360° hydraulic rotor with hydro-motor as standard. We manufacture attachments of your choice to fit almost all available cranes in the market.

Hydraulic grabs can be attached to hydraulic machines, excavators or manipulators and connections will be fitting according to the crane specifications.

Grabs of the new SWITCH Series can both be used on machinery (hydraulic) and on EOT cranes (electro-hydraulic). Please contact our sales office for more information.